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Kara and Dee

Kara teaches Dee to be a domme as a way to resign herself to the fact that Lee is married to someone else now.  It’s certainly one way for Lee to avoid getting fat during the year the Cylons ate.

This was a fic suggestion from a friend, and I personally have no interest in writing Dee fic. I'm releasing this one into the wild.

Go with love, plot bunny!

Athena and Lee

This sprang up as I was rewatching Home, Part 2. Could be something akin to a "Five Times Athena and Lee connected and one time they didn't sort of thing. There were only two scenario's I thought of:

1. Post Maelstrom, Lee asking Athena about the experience of death. He wants to get into Kara's mindset and maybe reassure himself that she went quickly and easily. I thought perhaps in the pilot barracks after a close call for Lee to spur him to ask Athena.
2. Post - mutiny, Lee debating whether or not it is a good idea to have a cylon on the Quorum. Athena could be the raptor pilot taking him from Galactica, to Colonial One and they could debate the issue a bit on the way.

I doubt I'll ever write this myself. Just thought leaving it here would be better.

Moddy Pimping Post

We're excited to invite you to come and join a new Battlestar fic community, centred around helping to inspire and motivate longer fictional works set in the BSG universe. We're hoping to spark some new life into parts of the fandom which are fading, as well as foster a sense of community between fans.

Writers for all characters, pairings, settings, and ratings welcome! All we ask is that people respect the ideas and preferences of other writers, even if they do not align with your own.

The comm can be found at bsg_epics. Come along, join in, and let us know what you think, and if you like the place, please bring your friends! (The layout will get prettier, I promise. We're working on it)

Hope to see you there!

(sorry for the cross-posting)

Mr President

I've got too many fics already that I'm supposed to be writing, so I'm going to put this one here and see if anyone else wants to try it.

Supposing Richard Adar survived the attacks as well, and remained President. What might have happened? What sort of role would Laura Roslin have taken? Would she have been an intermediary between Adar and Adama? What would have happened to their relationship, and her relationship with Bill? How would Bill Adama have reacted to having to work with Adar? What about Baltar, who was a personal friend of Adar's? Would they have even survived the miniseries? Would they have reached any kind of understanding with the cylons? How would the rest of the fleet have reacted to him?

I'd love to see this idea explored, as I'm yet to come across any fic that does so.

Plotbunny- Bard on the Battlestar

This one's for anyone who likes OCs...

There was a TV going through the Fleet, right? And there were a lot of people sitting around with nothing to do, which means 1.) a viewing audience and 2.) new shows.

I'd LOVE to see a story about producing and running a show in the Fleet. This would NOT be with any of the major characters, because I'm thinking realistic- not crack- but with OCs and maybe a minor character here or there. Who was writing? What was the show about? How did they cope with scenery and costuming? Cylon attacks killing off actors? How did these normal people live and cope with the gray and dreary day-to-day life of the Fleet?

It's a small thing, but I think it could be a really, really interesting look at a very different part of the Fleet than anything we ever saw on the show.
In one of the podcasts, RDM said that the original plan was to end the mutiny with Gaeta, Zarek, and the other mutineers exiled to a handful of ships that didn't want to follow Galactica anymore, rather than the executions.  I would love to see this as the premise for a nice, plotty AU.  Who would stay with the Fleet, and who would go with Gaeta and Zarek's faction?  What would they do without a military vessel for protection?  Would they find Earth, or colonize somewhere else, or have a completely different strategy?  I think this fic would give not on Gaeta and Zarek some meaty material, but it might also give a lot of other minor characters (Seelix, Kelly, Narcho, etc.) a real chance to shine.  If it were me, I'd throw in some Gaeta/Zarek, since I imagine Hoshi stayed with the Fleet--but again, that part's just me.  I have a fic to-do list as long as my arm right now, so I'm not exactly taking on more potentially long fics at the moment.  I'd love to read this, though!

Giana O'Neill Post Plan

A bunny that's been brewing ever since I finished The Plan...

Whatever happended to Giana O'Neill and her daughter? My fic bunny involved her settling on New Caprica and being very close to Cally and Galen. When the cylon's come she joins the Resistance and is eventually uses her past relationship with Simon to her advantage by getting a Four(I don't remember whether her Four was outside downloading range or not when he killed himself) to provide medical supplies and inside information.

Afterwards I can't see her as a Circle member though, I think she would have clashed with Tyrol over that and a rift would have been driven between them when she learned that they did execute so many people. But she stays close with Cally and eventually makes it to Earth with her daughter(yeah I know, big time gap there).

Any Supernatural fans out there??

Here's what I thought: John = Bill, Dean = Zak (I know, bare with me), Sam = Lee.

Carollane Adama is killed by a humanoid cylon when her son Zak is just a baby. Bill discovers the truth, that there are cylons that look like humans hiding amongst them, but nobody believes him. He leaves the fleet (or maybe he already left by then, John is an ex-marine after a war, after all), grabs his sons and starts hunting the cylons. He trains his sons from an early age.

Lee is tired of the life on the road and leaves his brother and father to go to law school. When Bill disappears on a hunt, tho, Zak has to convince him to get back on the job.

I know, I know, Dean is the older brother, but I don't think he is Lee on this one. Lee is most definetly Sam = wannabe lawyer that ends up being forced to follow his dad's carreer choice, boy scout that plays by the rules and crappy, crappy taste in women. :P I think with a little tweaking we can make Zak a good Dean.

Bonus point if you manage to put Romo/Crowley in it. (And, seriously, if I could be anyone in the planet, I'd be Mark Sheppard. He managed to work with all my scifi crushes: Jensen Ackles, Jaime Bamber and Adam Baldwin. Seriously.)

Admiral Hoshi

Because I can't stop procrastinating....

There's a fic I am dying to read, but don't have a whole lot of time to write, and that's the brass's relationship with Hoshi. I know Hoshi was promoted partly because RDM killed off everyone we were invested in (or sent them to rescue Hera), and the Gaeta/Hoshi relationship was an afterthought, but I have a thing for fic about the Pegasus people and yes, for Hoshi.

So, I'd love, love, LOVE to see a fic about the relationship between Hoshi and Adama/and/or/Tigh, and how that could have evolved. What made them respect Hoshi so much? Why did they think he would inspire "universal respect" but couldn't be bothered to promote him past junior lieutenant before that point? Did Hoshi take any flack from the Pegasus people for integrating well with the Galactica or not, and how did Hoshi himself feel about that? What did they think about him after the mutiny, knowing that he had been/still was in love with Gaeta (especially Tigh, who had his experiences with Ellen)?

This is one I'll probably never get around to, but I am dying to read it!!!

Battle of the Bands AU

I've had this idea kicking around for months. I remember the day I came up with it. November 13. Amanda Palmer concert. But that's besides the point.

We saw some sticker that looked like it could be the name of a Cylon band. Then we made up a cylon band. CyberPunk. Caprica Six as vocals/lead guitar, Leoben on guitar (I may change this to keyboard), Simon on bass, Boomer on drums, Cavil as their manager, with Doral as their roadie and D'Anna doing PR. And thought that they could face off against the band Kara Thrace and her Specal Destiny. Kara obvs is lead vocals/guitar, Sam on guitar, Helo on bass, and Athena on drums. A big rivalry rose between the bands as Athena used to be the drummer for CyberPunk but left her band to be in her boyfriend's band. Adama is KTahSD's manager, and Lee is brought in to deal with the massive amounts of trouble that Kara manages to keep landing herself in.

Basically, I need a little help. Any ideas on how other characters can fit in with the two bands. Also a legal conundrum between the bands. I was thinking possibly an issue of copyright. Like perhaps something that Athena had worked on with CyberPunk that they'd previously discarded but was embraced by KTahSD, but then CyberPunk uses that to sue them? I don't know.