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Athena and Lee

This sprang up as I was rewatching Home, Part 2. Could be something akin to a "Five Times Athena and Lee connected and one time they didn't sort of thing. There were only two scenario's I thought of:

1. Post Maelstrom, Lee asking Athena about the experience of death. He wants to get into Kara's mindset and maybe reassure himself that she went quickly and easily. I thought perhaps in the pilot barracks after a close call for Lee to spur him to ask Athena.
2. Post - mutiny, Lee debating whether or not it is a good idea to have a cylon on the Quorum. Athena could be the raptor pilot taking him from Galactica, to Colonial One and they could debate the issue a bit on the way.

I doubt I'll ever write this myself. Just thought leaving it here would be better.