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New Caprica One Year/Occupation AU

So this is a  Roslin/Zarek, Baltar/Gaeta New Caprica AU bunny which arose out of an idea where Roslin learns about Felix and Eight and convinces him to keep giving her the lists because she knows he's using Eight to gain information and the access codes to help Galactica recue them.

What if instead of it being the Baltar Administration on New Caprica it ended up being the Roslin Administration(Tory convincing Roslin to play up the New Caprica angle and as a result she won the election). So  Roslin is President, Zarek Vice President,  Tory Chief of Staff,Gaeta another high ranking executive officer and Baltar her assistant(hee,hee sweet revenge XD).  I thought things would have been a lot different during that one year as far as civilian attitudes and progress in building New Caprica.

When the cylons come back Baltar goes to Caprica, and Felix and Tory both stay and work as double agents. I never decided what exactly happens to Zarek and Roslin.

The Rabbit Warren

In honour of our very first plotbunny baby, I'm setting up this post to hopefully keep track of any new births!

Below will be a list of any fics that came of the plotbunnies posted here. Go check 'em out, and let their authors know how great they are!

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Make sure to keep me updated of any new fics you write as a result of any of our bunnies, and I'll promote them here. Link to this post will be on the side.



Header Competition

Ok, this place needs to be prettied up. And if it's left up to me, our header will be stick figures with bunny ears, because that is the extent of my artistic talents.


We'd like to hold a little contest to get a header for the comm made. It can be anything you like, funny or serious. Post your header into the comments here (which will be screened). I'll leave this open until the end of next week (18th July), and then we'll hold a vote for the header we'll use, and the winner will get my undying appreciation.

The header should be no more than 800x400px, and can be of any colour scheme you like.

Sound ok? PM me if you have any questions.


Most likely to...

This is crack, not really fic, but I still think it could be funny.

Anyone ever tried to put together something like a yearbook for the Battlestar characters? Photos, anecdotes, 'most likely to...', polls, whatever.

Kara Thrace and Her Special Destiny

This plot-bunny is based of speculation regarding season 4.5 and Kara Thrace's special destiny. Lots of people guessed that the unseen cylon number 7 'Daniel' was Kara's father and she was actually half cylon.

What if this was actually true. What if one of the Daniel models lived on earth and changed his name to blend in. He fell in love with Kara's mother and had Kara. When Cavil decided to box the whole line he was boxed too leaving Kara and her mother thinking that he left them. In my mind I see Kara finding him when they go to unbox D'Anna.

It would actually make season 4 make more sense. She came back because she resurected. She new the final co-ordinants because her father told them to her when she was little (he was boxed because he new and Cavil wanted to be the only one). It also means no poof!


The Caprican Resistance

Today's plotbunny is being posted early, as I have stupid amounts of babysitting to do tomorrow, and probably won't get a chance to post until really late on.

Supposing, for one reason or another, Roslin never sent Kara back to Caprica. What would life have been like for Sam and Helo and the resistance? Would they have found a way to escape? What would they have discovered about the cylons? Would there have been other pockets of humanity hiding out there? What would the cylons have done to them?

This bunny's on crack

This is actually something I dreamed after I saw Pegasus for the first time, so it's been sitting in my head since 2007. It goes something like this:

Laura has a twin sister who arrives with the Pegasus. Naturally they assume Laura is a cylon and they both get thrown in the brig on the Galactica. Eventhough they are certain they are going to die, they are really happy to see each other. Because they are going to die they start confessing all kinds of stuff to each other. The sister told Laura she slept with Richard while he thought she was her. Laura said something like 'that explains his strange behavior at the christmas party last year'. They were also discussing something about a threesome they gave as a birthday gift to some boyfriend in college.

So in this AU Laura and Richard were not having an affair, though Richard was interested.

Adama was watching the whole conversation from the observationroom.

I would love to see this cracky dream turned into a fic, as I don't write, I am hoping someone else will. Think of the possibilities, you can make up all sorts of embarrassing stuff for Laura to confess. And you can have Bill fantasizing about threesomes... Oh hell, you can actually give him one...

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Kobol's New Gleaming

Friday's bunny:

What if Roslin and Adama had been pushed by the fleet to try to make a go of settling on Kobol instead of continuing on towards Earth? What would the 'cost in blood' have been? What might they have found dating from the original settlements? What kind of effect would it have had on religion in the fleet? What would the cylons have done?

Caprica/BSG Crossover AU

"Adama is a Cylon"

Tamara Adama to be specific. No Final Five from Earth, Zoe Graystone and Tamara Adama (Zoe/Tamara???) were the ones responsible for the creation of the cylons.  Cavil masterminds the fall of the colonies behind the creators' backs, ultimately boxing Tamara Adama (Zoe's fate? I'd thought that possibly she'd gotten to a point where she didn't want to keep going, didn't set up resurrection for herself. Dead by Cavil's hand, but this sorta plays into the awful dead lesbian trope.) 

Changes to cylons...
Not Sam, Tory, or Chief. Dee and Billy are both cylons. Tigh and Ellen still cylons.  (Missing 7/Daniel is Kara's father. Whether or not he is modeled at all after Daniel Graystone is up for debate.) 

Flash forward to the end of S3? As Lee goes through his grandfather's law books, he finds a journal. Lee connects for the first time to his family roots as he reads up on family secrets, cultural heritage, and what happened to his Aunt Tamara.

Somehow, not sure of the details, Tamara is unboxed, bridging a gap between human and cylon that no other can really fill. It's not an easy transition, but Bill Adama has to confront the Final Cylon--his older sister.

I'm not sure if I want to give this one up because I've thought about it so much. But at the same time I'm not sure I have the energy to write it. But if someone would like to claim it and maybe talk it out some with me? I don't know. Lemme know!


I was watching the New Caprica/Exodus/Collaborators episodes yesterday, and I was struck by how flirty Zarek and Roslin were.   I do remember the first time I watched these episodes thinking that they would definitely hook up, and actually looking forward to it.  (It was surprising to remember this, since I now carry my Roslin/Adama shipper card with me at all times).

How about a fic that seriously AU's the development of that relationship into a full-fledged romance that changes Zarek's actions?