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bsg_plotbunnies's Journal

Lay Down Your Plotbunnies
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Ideas for fan fiction based around the reimagined Battlestar Galactica and Caprica
Got a Battlestar or Caprica-related plotbunny or twelve invading your head and refusing to turn itself into coherent words? Still want to see it in fic form anyhow? This is the place to release it into the wild! Hopefully it'll run off and find a home in someone else's head, or spawn lots of babies around the fandom and you'll see that elusive fic take shape in someone else's mind.

Writer's block getting in the way of all that awesome fic you just know you have in you? Need ideas? This is the place to find them! Come browse, search, read and take a plotbunny or two home with you as a pet.

Have a plotbunny invading your head which you want to discuss with others and get feedback on? Do it here!

Plotbunnies for any characters, pairings, settings, ratings, crossovers or timelines welcome, canon or AU. They can be as fleshed out or sparse as you like.

Only rules are:

* one post per plotbunny, and give it a decent explanatory title
* tag it as accurately as you can for ease of tracking down (I'm an archivist. I like things nicely categorised. I can't help it!)
* if a plotbunny catches your eye and you think you might use it, leave a reply so that the originator knows their idea might have found a home or two.
* if you use the idea in a piece of fic, link to it in a reply to the post so that the originator can hopefully go read their idea turned into fic form!
* if you post up a plotbunny for feedback, be aware that it might inspire ideas in other people, so if it's something you desperately, desperately want to keep only for yourself, you might not want to share it here.

That's it, folks! Enjoy :)